Jeward Culture

Jeward Culture

At Jeward Mould, our vision is to build a company that will produce quality moulds in China for plastic factories all over the world to produce  good quality beautiful plastic products applied in people’s daily life.

Placing special emphasis on openness, cooperation, and shared success, Jeward Mould is ready and willing to play our part in building strong relationship with our valued customers who are desired to achieve bigger success. We have three guiding principles:

The first is to bring forth new ideas in product development. We are willing to take risks in developing new fashionable products for our customers to realize higher market value.   

The second is to pursuit excellence in hand-works of all details. We believe that details determine success or failure.

Our third principle is to manage healthy cooperation instead of cutthroat competition. We’ll not compete for profit but will maintain a long-term commitment to all our customers.

We pride ourselves on our customer-centric approach, and strive to provide innovative products and unparalleled services that benefit our customers.