Mold Flow Analysis

Mold Flow Analysis

What is Moldflow ?

Moldflow is a CAE software which we can use it to analyze injection, packing, cooling and warpage of part in molding. 

Advantages of Mold Flow: 

- Mold flow helps in identifying a variety of potential problems and improvements for a mold before it gets built. The results are less risk involved, more time and money saved in adjustments and faster delivery. Using mold flow, it helps to- 
1. Decrease investment costs.  
2. Decrease the problem to be born with the parts and mold will have. 
3. Decrease total development time and the amount of time in trying molds. 

4. Increase the quality of finish good products. 

Our engineers also could use Mold Flow to analyze plastic flow, cooling quality, gate location and etc. We can provide our customers various complete solutions to reach their requirement.